"The one who builds a Mosque for Allah's pleasures, Allah builds a house for him in Paradise". (Bukhari and Muslim)

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Medina Mosque Project

The Mosque is currently undergoing a much needed refurbishment and extension project. We are modernizing the facilities and increasing the footprint of the building by 75% with the aim of offering the community improved services including, larger prayer hall, funeral and marriage services, increased madrasah capacity and much more.

Sadaqah / Zakaat / Lillah

The Mosque distributes funds directly whilst also working with partner charities for emergency relief such as Muslim Aid, Islamic Relief.
Please note all Lillah payments currently go towards the Medina Mosque building project.

Whichever method you decide to use, please kindly add one of the following references to your payment, so we can ensure your contribution goes to the right place. Payments with no ref will go towards the mosque project.

Ref: Sadaqah waajibah
Ref: Zakaat
Ref: emergency relief

Methods of Payment

There are 3 different methods of payment.

Remember gift aid for all donations

Use Gift Aid to increase the value of your donation at no extra cost to you! Under the Government’s Gift Aid scheme, Southampton medina mosque can reclaim the tax you have already paid on your gift.

For Cheque and Bank transfers, please download the following Gift Aid declaration form and send with your payment to Southampton medina mosque trust ltd.