Sponsor Iftaar at Masjid

Asallam Alaykum All
Alhamdulillah after 2 years break In Sha Allah this year we will be organising Iftaar at Masjid.
Alhamdulillah we normally get around 159-200 partaking in opening their Fast at Masjid, most of these people come for salatul Asar and stay until after Taraweeh.
The Prophet (saw) said, ‘Whoever feeds a person breaking his fast will earn the same reward as him, without anything being lessened from the reward of the fasting person’. [Tirmidhi]
You can sponsor a day or two for yourself as sadaqa or Esaale Thwaab for your marhomeens or you can give whatever you want towards the cost of Iftaar.
Please get in touch with us soon if you like to contribute as spaces are limited and they do get filled fast.
JazakAllah Khayr
Southampton Medina Mosque Trust