Southampton Medina Mosque official Eid Al-Adha 1444/2023 announcement

Due to reports of negative local and regional sightings of the new crescent moon, the first day of Dhul Hijjah started on Tuesday 20th June. Therefore Eid al-Adha will be celebrated on Thursday 29th June, InsyaAllah/

May Allah make it an Eid full of blessings and mercy.

Dhul Hijja Mubarak from all at the Southampton Medina Mosque.

Eid Salah Times
7.30am Lead by Mufti Umar Khattab Sahib
9.30am Led by Hafiz Mueen Sahib

Gyarvi Sharif Programme : Commemorating the life & legacy of Ghaus-e-A’zam, Shaykh Abdul Qaadir Jilani (RA).

Medina Mosque invites you to our monthly Gyarvi Sharif Programme on Sunday 13th November 2022 after Salat ul-Asr (3.00pm)
*Topic this month* Commemorating the life & legacy of Ghaus-e-A’zam, Shaykh Abdul Qaadir Jilani (RA).
Our monthly Gyarvi Sharif is an opportunity to increase your knowledge and spirituality. It is also a great opportunity to listen to reminders from the Holy Qur’an & the blessed ahadith of our Prophet ﷺ
We live in difficult times where our souls are seeking peace and tranquillity. Please attend and quench your souls from this blessed gathering.
Separate seating for sisters.
If you would like to make a donation towards this event please contact Imam Ali/Board Member.
May Allah Almighty keep you all under his divine protection, Ameen.

Mawlid and Madrassah awards ceremony.

We would like to thank all our students & parents for making our Annual awards ceremony a success.

Every child matters to us at Medina Mosque Madrassah and we are trying our upmost to educate and spiritually evolve our children into good law abiding citizens of this country who live their life by the Qur’an and Sunnah.

We are very proud of all our students who took part in the Annual Madrassah ceremony and Mawlid.
Awards were given to students who have completed the Qur’an and Qaidah in the last year.
Well done to all, Mashaa’Allah.

We urge all parents and the community to please continue supporting us so we can make a difference.

*Southampton Medina Mosque, a centre of education and spiritual excellence*.

Visit my Mosque open day

Southampton Medina Mosque Trust Ltd presents: Visit my Mosque open day!
*Open to all*
  • Islamic exhibition
  • Tours
  • Refreshments
  • Watch live prayer at 1:30pm

Sunday 4th of September 2022 from 1pm – 5pm

If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Southampton Medina Mosque official Dhul Hijja & Eid Al-Adha 1443/2022 Announcement

يَٰٓأَيُّهَا ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُواْ لَا تُحِلُّواْ شَعَٰٓئِرَ ٱللَّهِ وَلَا ٱلشَّهۡرَ ٱلۡحَرَامَ وَلَا ٱلۡهَدۡيَ وَلَا ٱلۡقَلَٰٓئِدَ وَلَآ ءَآمِّينَ ٱلۡبَيۡتَ ٱلۡحَرَامَ يَبۡتَغُونَ فَضۡلٗا مِّن رَّبِّهِمۡ وَرِضۡوَٰنٗاۚ

O you who have believed, do not violate the rites of Allah or [the sanctity of] the sacred month or [neglect the marking of] the sacrificial animals and garlanding [them] or [violate the safety of] those coming to the Sacred House seeking bounty from their Lord and [His] approval. -Surah Al-Ma’idah, Ayah 2


Due to reports of negative sightings of the new crescent moon the first day of Dhul Hijja is Friday 1st July, Eid al-Adha will be on Sunday 10th July.

May Allah Almighty make it a Eid full of blessings and mercy, Ameen. Dhul Hijja mubarak from all at the Southampton Medina Mosque Trust Ltd.

*Eid Salah times* *7:30am* *9am* The Jamaats will stand at *7:30am*, *9am*, without delay. It is advisable to arrive early to be sure that you do not miss the Jamaat. Please arrive early by walking to the mosque, if this is not possible, please park responsibly.


JazakAllah khayr.

[ Daily Echo] Hundreds celebrate Eid at Southampton Medina Mosque

HUNDREDS of people turned out to celebrate Eid at a Southampton mosque.

Southampton Medina Mosque hosted huge celebrations on Sunday for Eid al-Fitr.

The event saw hundreds of people both from the Muslim community and from other faiths across the city come together to celebrate the day.

There were stalls and food, as well as a bouncy castle for children.

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