June 02, 2020 | 10 Shawwal, 1441
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Main hall (first floor prayer hall)

Ground floor prayer hall

Utility hall

Cold room


Ablution areas (Washrooms)


Offices and Waiting rooms


Car parking/ Mosque users with disability

Dome and Minaret

Five Daily Prayers & Friday Sermon

The Main Hall is one of the primary features of the mosque and is the most widely used area within the Mosque. All of our congregation are familiar with this particular area as it is where Muslims attend regularly for their five daily prayers. There is a dome within the Main Hall which acts as a centrepiece of the hall. The Mosque is under construction and once complete there will be a display chandelier under the dome. The minaret is also accessible from the Main Hall and this is where the Muedhin announces the Call to Prayer (Adhān). The minaret is under construction and when complete it is hoped will be accessible to visitors.

The Main Hall features an arch (Mihrab) known as the Qibla wall. This wall faces towards the direction of the Kaa'ba in the city of Mecca and indicates the direction Muslims must face when praying to Allah (SWT). There is also a pulpit positioned beside the Mihrab, from where the Imam addresses sermons and lectures, this is known as the Minbar. Copies of the Holy Qur'an in various languages are also situated along the Qibla wall.

The Main Hall is carpeted throughout with a richly decorated carpet which was specially designed and manufactured for SMMTL. The carpet design is designed for each individual to have their space during prayer. The carpet is always kept clean and no shoes can be worn on the carpet. There are numerous pillars to support the structural design and arch shaped green tinted windows lining the Mosque Main Hall. The hall is centrally heated using an underground geothermal heating source. The Main Hall, like the rest of the Mosque, hosts a network of speakers for the amplification of lectures and prayers. The Main Hall is also equipped with a projector and large white screen.

The Main Hall has a capacity of 1,000 to 1500 people which is about the average turnout on a busy Friday. During the main two festivals of EID the mosque has to resort in two separate congregations as to accommodate the large number of people which and not all be accommodated in one congregation.

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