June 02, 2020 | 10 Shawwal, 1441
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From the Jewish community in Southampton, we are sending you best wishes. The horrible attack in London on the mosque is a tradegy. We all stand united.

Sending you love and support.

Best wishes,
From : Dr. Gil Dekel
Date : 20.06.2017

“Dear Naheed,
Thank you so so much for our visit to you on Wednesday. It was so good of you to give us your time and I know that the students all found it incredibly interesting. It was particularly important to them to be able to ask questions, and we all really appreciated that you were so frank and full in your answers. Your personal touch also made a real connection with the students. They all said how valuable it was for them to hear about Islam from you, and you really gave us all an insight into what Islam is all about. They also enjoyed the opportunity to look around the mosque itself and we were very privileged to be able to witness the prayer session. I will not be teaching this module next academic year, but expect to do so for the two years after and I would love to be able to bring students again. It is really important to get the perspective of someone who is actually living the faith as opposed to only studying it”.
From : Helen Spurling
Date : 17.11.2014

Hi Naheed,

Just wanted to say a quick and massive thank you for leading the visit today. It has been very involving and captivating and the students and staff are still talking about all the info you have given us!
Thank you
Kind Regards

Magdalena Lawrence
From : Magdalena Lawrence
Date : 19.10.2014

Dear Naheed
It was a joy to be with you all on Sunday evening. Thank you, and everyone at Medina Mosque, for generous hospitality and a warm welcome. It is right, I am quite sure, that we seek to do everything we can to build solid, deep-rooted and lasting friendships within our City.

With best wishes and my prayers

The Rt Revd Dr Jonathan Frost

Bishop of Southampton
in the Diocese of Winchester
From : Bishop Jonathan Frost
Date : 23.07.2014

Dear Khurshid, Rashid & Naheed
My I express my thanks to you and everyone at the Mosque for a great evening on Sunday.
We all appreciate what a special and busy time this is for you and I enjoyed my first Iftar at your great Mosque which I always enjoy visiting.
Not only did you make us all feel very welcome but also took the time to give us some further insight into our community.
I am very grateful, thank you.



Inspector Pete Jones | Southampton Sector | Western Policing Area| Hampshire Constabulary
From : Peter Jones
Date : 23.07.2014

Dear Naheed,

Thank you so much for the work that you put into the school visit. the children enjoyed the visit so much, and you will be able to tell from the booklet that we have sent that the children learnt so much.
The Mosque is so beautiful, and it was wonderful to be able to understand the use and the facitilities at the mosque. Watching prayers was a very good idea, the children gained an experience that they would not normally have.
Many Thanks
(3/4 Holbrook Primary School)
From : Louise
Date : 13.12.2013

Dear Naheed

Weball learnt so many facts about islam and the mosque. The mosque is so big and beautiful.
To be honest I thought the trip was going to be boring, but you proved me wrong.
I have a little sister who will be coming to hales primary in a few years I hope thay she comes to the mosque because then maybe she will be inspired as well.
Thank you naheed
Tamzin T
From : Tamzin
Date : 11.12.2013

Dear Naheed
Thank you for the tour. I learnt so mich about muslims.
I was eapecially surprised by ramadan. It is amazing to think muslims get up so early to pray amd eat and then do not eat all day. You made it sound so wonderful.
Thank you for your time and effort I learnt so much. Thank you foe allowing us to ask so many questions
From : Robert
Date : 11.12.2013

Dear Naheed

Thank yiu for showing us around the mosque. It helped me alot with understanding the islamic religion.
For example I did not know what the mehrab was and now I do. The alcove in the wall is a good idea.
Thank you very much Naheed
Edward King
From : edward king
Date : 11.12.2013

Dear Naheed and Imam
Thank you so mich for an excellent visit. The time you put inyo explaining elements has really helped the children und lerstand islam.
Thank you for your time and hospitality
From : downton
Date : 11.12.2013

Dear Naheed
We are writing to you to convey our thanks for a very successful visit to Southampton Medina Mosque, and particularly grateful to you and the imam for making us feel so welcome.
It was the first time that many of our pupils had entered a reigious building of a different faith to their own; consequently the experience amd knowledge gained was an important contribution in the development of their studies.
We are indebted to you for giving up your time to explain the practices and elements of the building and this will help their understanding as they extend thwir research further.
Christopher Allery
From : Christopher Allery
Date : 11.12.2013

Dear imam amd naheed
Thank you for letting us come visit the mosque. We hve learnt so mich from our visit. We appreciate all the work that went into the visit. The children had such a good time at the mosque.
We look forward to more visits
Thank you very much
Year 5 - Moordown St.John's Primary School
From : moordown st John's primary school
Date : 11.12.2013

Dear Naheed
Just to say a very big thank you from all of us for such an interesting visit yesterday.  The children have remembered so much information and thoroughly enjoyed their time at the mosque.  They have a much better understanding of Islam, and were very impressed by a lot of what they found
out.  We really appreciate the time that you gave us to help the children with their learning, and the brilliant rapport that you had with them. 
They have been making information leaflets explaining what they have learnt, and there are some letters which I hope to be able to forward on to you when they are finished.  Thanks again.

From : Rosemary
Date : 11.12.2013

Dear Naheed
We had a lovely time at the mosque. The children could not stop talking about the visit. The children have made some information booklets, with the information they learnt at the mosque.

We had a lovely time, thank you so much
From : mrs leo and mrs Crocker
Date : 11.12.2013

Dear Mohammed and Naheed
Thank you for another informative and enjoyable visit. There has been a good reaction amongst the pupils who hav been able to feedback their experience t the rest of thier classes. Thank you too for moulding your presentation around the work we have been doing in class.
From : jonathan mutton
Date : 11.12.2013

Hello Naheed
I would just like to say how much myself,  my colleague and the students appreciated the visit to the Mosque yesterday.  They had a very enthusiastic discussion this morning about their visits yesterday.
Thank you again

Jaqui Jones
From : jaqui jones
Date : 11.12.2013

This leadies event for Muharram was excelent one and unique in history of southampton. there should be more such programmes arranged and Sister Kahdija and Fatima should be called more frequently for the event.
From : Sarvat Butt
Date : 01.12.2013

Dear Christine,
Thank you so much for your kind mail. I am so glad the event went well and that it gave enjoyment to the attendees. The Southampton Medina Mosque Trust Ltd is determined to work in partnership with all organisations whose objective is to help the needy and the vulnerable and who work for peace, harmony and better understanding in our diverse communities.
Thank you for informing me about the work you do. It is indeed most commendable and much needed.
We were delighted therefore to have got the chance to work with you and I very much hope that we will strengthen our ties.
Please keep in touch and let us know a date and time that you can visit us at the mosque.
Best wishes and warm regards
Khurshid Drabu CBE
Chairman, Southampton Medina Mosque Trust Limited
From : SMMTL
Date : 17.09.2012

Dear Judge Drabu,

It was a lovely occasion yesterday to see so many of our clients and members sharing and enjoying the Eid celebrations at the Avenue Multicultural Centre. We all enjoyed it and, on behalf of SWVG, I would like to thank you, Parvin Damani and others from Medina Mosque for providing the delicious food and making it all possible.

As I’m sure John Mellor has told you, SWVG works in Southampton with asylum seekers and refugees who are in particular distress or difficulties. As well as befriending and providing practical support we try to give financial assistance to those who are destitute.

With our thanks and warm regards,<BR>

Christine Knight
SWVG Coordinator
From : Southampton and Winchester Visitors Group
Date : 14.09.2012

Dear Judge Khurshid Drabu,<BR>
I am writing to thank you for coming to the Multicultural Centre today. I have thanked Parvin for her work in setting up the celebration of Eid. We are delighted that the Medina Mosque has recognised those asylum seekers in Southampton who have little in their lives. For we who support them, it is a delight to know that your Mosque respects our work and wishes to help us. Please thank all those in the Mosque who made the meal possible and those who cooked it. I believe it was widely considered to be delicious. Certainly I very much enjoyed the biriani.<BR>
We will be pleased to look for opportunities of working together. I suggest that I might visit you at the Medina Mosque and maybe we can make tentative plans. I am away for a couple of weeks in mid-October but otherwise am in Southampton most of September. Would you like to suggest some dates? If you prefer it will be easy to talk at Avenue St Andrew's Church.<BR>
Thank you again,<BR>
Kind regards,<BR>
John Mellor
From : .
Date : 11.09.2012

Dear Nisa,

I'm sorry to have taken so long to do this but, I wanted to say a huge thank you for hosting such an
excellent visit.

We were made very welcome and our students found the time
with you to be a very good learning experience, helping to conslidate activities previously only experienced in the classroom.

Please pass on my thanks
to the Imam for his warm welcome and his willingness to give up so much of
his time to answer thye children's many questions!

Kind Regards

Fiona Sutton
Hamworthy Middle School

It was very good of you to chat to our students in the way you did and those
who talked with you were very pleased to be able to talk with someone so
well informed and helpful.

All good wishes
From : Hamworthy Middle School
Date : 09.09.2012

Dear Nisa,

I'm sorry to be so long in replying! Thank you so much for hosting such an
excellent visit. We were made very welcome and our students found the time
with you to be a very good learning experience. Please pass on our thanks
to the Imam for his warm welcome and his willingness to give up so much of
this time -and for the lovely refreshments!

It was very good of you to chat to our students in the way you did and those
who talked with you were very pleased to be able to talk with someone so
well informed and helpful.

All good wishes

From : Sue
Date : 09.05.2012

Dear Ms Nisa,
I am writing to thank everyone at the Mosque for the fantastic visit our Cub Scouts had last night. Please could you pass on my thanks to Rashid and to the Imam for their marvellous hospitality and for allowing us to join with the Community even at such a sensitive time as Evening Prayer. I learnt a lot and so did the boys. I know that some of the Year 3s were learning about the 5 Pillars of Islam today in School (my wife teaches at Highfield School). Our Year 3 Cubs were able to tell the others that they had visited the Mosque and to pass on some of what they'd seen and learned.
I'd also like to thank you and Dr Drabu for arranging this visit in the first place.
Neil Young
From : Highfield Cub Scouts
Date : 10.03.2012

Dear Kasim Sumra,
On behalf of the Lyndhurst Cub Pack I would like to thank-you for a really interesting evening on tuesday. The presentation was fine as you had managed to cover most of the pertinent points before the projector had failed us. However I think the cubs got an excellent introduction to the five pillars of Islam (as did I) and some of the values and customs of the Muslim community. I didnt know that charity was so intrinsic to the faith being one of the pillars. The one thing I really noticed was that everyone was so friendly and helpful. I hope our presence at prayers wasnt too distracting for the other people. It was also very reassuring to hear the appropriate questions they asked you, as it did mean that they understood what they were being told.

It was great that you were able to take over the reins and be available to show us around at such short notice. It was really appreciated. Also please thank the two young lads, who did the refreshments, their patience with the cubs was much appreciated.

I can safely say that the evening was a great success for the cubs and leaders. Thank-you.

Yours sincerely,
Tim Le Bas
Cub Scout Leader (Akela)
From : 1st New Forest North (Lyndhurst) Cub Pack
Date : 04.03.2012

Dear Izaz and Khan,

Thank you both for facilitating our Explorer Scouts to visit the Medina Mosque again on Thursday the 26th January 2012.
At our meeting this week we discussed how the scouts felt about the visit. They were all very happy they had attended and found the visit very thought inspiring.
Often, and certainly in the case of religion, it is easy to become isolated in your particular belief , as Khan had mentioned during the evening, Islam, Judaism and Christianity all come from very similar and connected pasts.
What we had intended for the Scouts, was to introduce them to a religion other than our Christianity, so they could understand the differences between different cultures and beliefs.
Thanks to you both we were able to learn a little more about the customs and beliefs of the Muslims. Some are quite different to our own.
I was particularly impressed with the changes to the Mosque since our last visit. And I know the Scouts really appreciated you hospitality at the end with the food.

I hope we will meet up again soon, certainly before another 4 years have elapsed.
We will be in touch again.
Of course if there is anything you would like us to do for you. Please ask.
Kind regards
From : Chandlers Ford (Scorpion) Explorer Scouts
Date : 05.02.2012

To Khurshid Drabu CBE Chairman Board of Trustees Southampton Medina Mosque Trust Ltd
Dear Khurshid Drabu,
I am writing to thank you for the dinner hosted by Southampton Medina Mosque. Please accept my apologies for not communicating before.
The clients and staff were overwhelmed by the hospitality and service you provided. We were especially taken aback by the friendly nature of our hosts. The food was absolutely marvellous. Clients and staff also felt more educated in the ways of your faith, which created healthy discussions by those who attended.
Once again many thanks for your kindness. Please feel free to visit the Day Centre in this New Year.
Yours sincerely,
James McDermott Housing, Resettlement and Day Services Manager
From : James McDermott Housing
Date : 20.01.2012

Many thanks for such an excellent visit yesterday (26 September 2011) and for making us so welcome. I apologise for having to make a hasty exit. One of the staff had received a message from school advising us that the A27 had lengthy delays and we were concerned about getting students back to school in time for the school buses at 2.30.

All the students felt they had learnt a lot from their experience and that it will benefit them in terms of their GCSE as well as their life experience

We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Many thanks

From : Cowplain Community School
Date : 02.10.2011

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