April 07, 2020 | 14 Sha'ban, 1441
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Ramadan start date according to local moon sighting will be announced on this website and Social Media Insh Allah.
Salah/ Prayer time
April 07, 2020 10:21 AM    
   Prayer   Start   Jamat
   Fajr   04:52   05:45
   Zohar   01:12   01:30
   Asar   05:45   06:00
   Magrib   07:52   07:52
   Isha   09:19   09:30
   Jummah   01:30
     Welcome to Southampton Medina Mosque Trust Ltd COVID-19. All congregational prayers are suspended for the time being, this includes Jummah. We ask all worshippers to pray at home with their household family. Please follow guidance from the government on self isolation, and avoid all gatherings. ************************************************************************ Our Imams are teaching madrassa over Skype and also giving delivering worksheet. If your child has enrolled to our madrassa and you would like more information, please email us. chairman@medinamosque.org.uk ************************************************************************ Stay connected with the Masjid: We will be delivering our talks and events through social media during self isolation. Jummah Adhan, lectures will be delivered live, you can also view recordings. Please join our facebook and youtube channel. ********************************************************************** Make most of self isolation, keep your self occupied at home, protect your community and spent time in the remembrance of Allah. **********************************************************************     
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